Established in 2018, FinanceDifferently has quickly become a trusted name in alternative investments. The firm’s credibility stems from a solid foundation of over seven years in platform development, backed by pragmatic research and a diligent due diligence system. Notably, FinanceDifferently has onboarded over 35 best-in-class managers, providing potential access to trillions of dollars in assets. Specializing in serving boutique wealth managers, the company leverages its expertise and innovative investment strategies to empower financial futures for a discerning clientele.

Orlit Harari
Eran Zakut
Oren Baron
Esther Barak Landes
Prof. Jack Baniel
Prof. Shlomo Noy

Orlit Harari, Co-founder

Orlit Harari is the Co-founder and CEO of Madanes Capital Group, a boutique wealth management company, where she has positioned the firm as a leading player in the industry since its establishment. With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Orlit is recognized as one of Israel’s top financial planners. Her expertise lies in crafting intricate retirement plans tailored to the unique needs of high-ranking executives, educators, and medical professionals.

Orlit is known for her ability to design comprehensive financial models that address critical issues such as wealth transfer across generations, strategic tax planning, and optimizing asset allocation. Prior to her role at Madanes Capital Group, Orlit held a prominent position at KPMG Israel, gaining invaluable experience that enriches her financial acumen. She holds a B.A degree in Business Management from the College of Management in Israel, majoring in Accounting and Finance, and she is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

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Eran Zakut, Co-founder

Eran is a creative creator of cross countries and continents investments opportunities with more than 30 years of experience in establishing and managing investments in technologies, agriculture, forestry, commodities, renewable energy, retail, multinational brand names and investments funds. Eran’s expertise extends to fundraising and negotiating large-scale transactions in the agricultural, consumer goods and alternative investments markets.

Eran takes great pride that he was able to lead the way for the plantation of tens of thousands of hectares of forestry, renewable energy feedstock and diverse food crops across Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, enabling communities in least developed countries with an access to top-tier technologies and farming techniques while uplifting their knowledge and capabilities.

His global experience encompasses interactions with farmers, manufacturers, and mass market retailers. Additionally, Eran has successfully developed private label programs for renowned Israeli chain stores, overseeing the entire process from raw material and product sourcing to logistics and marketing of the final products, in addition to successfully introduce international top-level brands to the highly competitive Israeli market.

Eran holds an LLM degree from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, a LLB degree from the College of Management in Israel, and has been a distinguished speaker at the Teak World Conference.

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Oren Baron, Technology & Private Equity

Oren is a seasoned professional in the technology business sector, serving as an advisor and an influential early-stage investor. With a wealth of experience in advisory roles, Oren is a member of several start-up advisory boards, senior advisor for Lone View Capital, a US based tech buyout firm, member of few investment committees, and also holds a board position at Yissum, Technology transfer company of the Hebrew University in Israel.

His career at EY, spanning from 1993, culminated in his role as a Senior Partner leading the firm’s technology practice which provides audit and advisory services to over half of the Israeli startups funded by VCs and other investors. At EY Oren’s expertise extends to providing audit and advisory services to U.S. SEC registrants and startup companies, coupled with consultation on M&As, private offerings, and IPOs. His tenure at EY New York’s Israeli desk further enriched his experience with American companies.

Oren holds a MA in Diplomacy and Security from Tel Aviv University in Israel and a BA in Economics and Accounting from Ben Gurion University in Israel. He is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel, recognized for his unique approach to strategic planning across all stages of company development.

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Esther Barak Landes, Technology & Sustainability

Esther is the Founding Partner of FLORA Ventures, a fund focusing on the AgriFood and Sustainability industries targets the transformation of the $8 trillion sectors. Esther has become a pivotal figure in the Climate &
Sustainability industry. Esther’s career, spanning over two decades in Israel’s dynamic hi-tech ecosystem, has seen her support and collaborate with over 70 disruptive startups, many achieving successful exits M&As or IPOs. Esther is a popular board member on Private & Public companies in Israel and abroad, as well as accompanying local and foreign family offices with their investments.

As a seasoned investor, professional Board member, and adept deal maker, Esther has been instrumental in establishing and fostering strategic partnerships across startups, private investors, government entities, and public corporations. Alongside her investment acumen, Esther is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders, serving as a mentor and advocate in the industry.

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Prof. Jack Baniel, Life Science Innovation

Prof. Baniel is the founder of the Uro-oncology section at Beilinson medical center (1997) and serves as the Chief of the Urology Division at the Rabin Medical Center, one of the leading medical centers in Israel.

Prof. Jack Baniel is a leading Uro-oncology surgeon world-renown for expertise in advanced surgery for Testis cancer and reconstruction of the urinary system. He pioneered in Israel most of the advanced technologies in the field of Uro-oncology.

Prof Baniel is involved in the publication of over 200 articles in the world’s leading medical literature and in many chapters in urology books. Prof Baniel is also actively involved in research in the field of Uro-oncology as a partner in basic science research at the Tel Aviv

University and Weizmann Institute of Science and was appointed as a Full Clinical Professor in Surgery at the TelAviv University. Prof Baniel serves as a reviewer in most of the world’s leading journals in the field of urology. Over the years he served in many international professional committees in Uro-oncology and was an active member of the EORTC GU group.

Over the last 10 years Prof Baniel is also involved as a medical consultant for several start-up companies, taking part in the development of advanced technologies in the fields of urology and Biomed at large.

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Prof. Shlomo Noy, BioTech & Medical Device Novelty

Prof. Shlomo Noy is a partner and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the
Guangzhou-Israel Biotechnology Fund (GIBF) focusing on investing in European and Israeli Pharma companies in creating JV for clinical activities in China.

Prof Noy served for 25 years as the VP for R&D at Sheba Medical Center, Founder and Chairman of the Tech Transfer company and Acting Director of Sheba Medical Center.

Prof Noy’s career, spread over 30 years, has positioned him as a world expert in healthcare R&D and has pioneered the R&D activities, licensing and technology transfer of Israel’s largest Medical Center – Sheba, on both the international and national levels and has published more than 80 articles and book chapters.

Prof. Noy received his Ph.D. in Health Policy from Tel Aviv University, his
M.D. from the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School, his M.B.A. from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France and he is a Professor of Medicine at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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FinanceDifferently is a leading investment platform specializing in alternative assets, providing unique access to investment opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors. Emphasizing innovative solutions and expert market insights, FinanceDifferently enables investors to diversify and strengthen their portfolios with low-correlation assets in the dynamic financial landscape.

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FinanceDifferently is a leading investment platform specializing in alternative assets, providing unique access to investment opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors. Emphasizing innovative solutions and expert market insights, FinanceDifferently enables investors to diversify and strengthen their portfolios with low-correlation assets in the dynamic financial landscape.

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