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Conservative Approach

FinanceDifferently’s platform enables small ticket investors to onboard an exclusive club benefit from a considerably well-diverse top-tier alternative investment strategies. Accessing these strategies is traditionally designed only for large institutional investors, UHNWI and insiders leaving the vast majority of individual investors without ample exposure or opportunity to participate and risking of falling further behind in generating wealth.

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We have built strategic collaboration with leading service providers that enhance our pragmatic Due Diligence process and on-going management, ensuring a top-quality service for our clients.

Golfarb Gross Seligman

EY Israel

Apex Group


Clarity Capital

J. Safra Sarasin

Valley National Bank

ISP Group


Bedell Cristin


The Rise of Alternative Assets

The investment landscape is witnessing a significant shift toward alternative assets, a trend underscored by compelling industry data:

USD 10.7 Trn (2020)

USD 17.2 Trn (est. 2025)

CAGR: 9.8%

The Road of Alternative Investments is Long
and Full of Obstacles

High Capital Requirement

Complex Ragulations

Complicate to Understand

Hard to Operate

Limited Liquidity

Difficult to Diverse

Highly Private Data

Limited Access

Distinctive Pathway

A well diverse dynamic portfolio derive from relation-based deal-flow with ongoing extensive fundamental diligence enables unique global onboarding investment opportunities such as Private Equity, Special Situations, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Distressed assets.

Access to the best cohort of companies raising money directly/via highly experienced VC fund managers covering extensive verticals and stages through our unique relationship-based Eco system.

Involves strategic investments in private companies, offering the potential for significant returns through direct influence and growth.

Targets unique investment opportunities arising from specific corporate events or market conditions, often undervalued by traditional metrics.

Focuses on undervalued assets in financial distress, offering opportunities for turnaround and value creation through restructuring and management.

Israel-based LPs: Engage in equity/debt investments targeting real assets, aimed at ensuring long-term portfolio stability and consistent, favorable cash returns.

Encompasses investments in property markets, including commercial, residential, and industrial real estate, leveraging market trends and development opportunities.

Israel-based LPs: Focus on short-term debt, ILS, and LGT investments, crafted to enhance mid-term liquidity and financial stability.

Israel-based LPs: Diversify through select hedge funds, designed for short-term financial solidity and liquidity management.

FinanceDifferently’s approach mitigates the limitations of traditional financial assets, which often experience high sensitivity to global economic fluctuations, affecting long-term investments and pension assets. Their platform offers investors empowered, well-rounded investment strategies.

Economies of Scale: Facilitates exposure to a diverse range of investment solutions at manageable investment amounts.

Accessibility: Unlocks access to sophisticated, typically high-threshold investment opportunities.

Agile Response: Rapid adaptation to market changes, ensuring continuous optimization of the solution mix.

Quality Control: Rigorous oversight of solution quality, impact on returns, and overall risk profile.

Transparent Solutions: Clear visibility into the composition and performance of investment mixtures.

Professional Analysis: In-depth, expert analysis underpinning each managed solution.

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FinanceDifferently is a leading investment platform specializing in alternative assets, providing unique access to investment opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors. Emphasizing innovative solutions and expert market insights, FinanceDifferently enables investors to diversify and strengthen their portfolios with low-correlation assets in the dynamic financial landscape.

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