Our Holistic Investment Approach

Finance Differently has developed a management tool, that has the capability to create access to a variable range of investments in real time, with low correlation to market exposures; thereby diversifying the customer’s asset portfolio and enabling a comprehensive qualitative return alongside a balanced risk structure.

Today, most of the public’s assets in Israel (provident funds, pension funds, and investment portfolios) are invested in traditional financial assets such as shares, government and corporate bonds, cash and cash equivalents.

Focusing on these solutions, as a major part of the public’s portfolio, creates a high sensitivity to fluctuations in the global economy, thereby endangering the pension assets and long-term investments of the public.

Long-term Solutions

  • Israel-based LP
  • Equity/Debt investments in Real Asset
  • Provides long-term stability to the portfolio
  • Preferable on-going cash return investments
  • 5 years internal liquidity horizon

Creative Solutions

  • Israel-based LP
  • Investments in specialized tools such as
    short-term debt, ILS and LGT
  • Provides mid-term liquidation stability to the portfolio
  • 2 years internal liquidity horizon

Hedging Solutions

  • Israel-based LP
  • Investments through specialized hedge funds
  • Provides short-term liquidation stability to the portfolio
  • 3 months internal liquidity horizon

Our Management Tool Benefits

Creating economies of scale that allows exposure to a wide range of solutions at the same time, at limited investment amounts.

Accessibility to complex and sophisticated solutions in the world, for which relatively high minimal investment is required.

Rapid response capability, while constantly optimizing the solution mix.

Deeply control the quality of the solutions and their contribution to the return and overall risk.

Transparency of the various investment solutions mixture.

In-depth professional analysis of managed solutions.

Our Team

Orlit Harari, CFP

Orlit is the Co-founder and CEO of Madens Capital Group, a boutique wealth management company, providing holistic financial planning and capital management services to high net worth individuals. Only a few years after Orlit has established the company, it is positioned as one of the leading wealth management firms in Israel with more than USD 600 million assets under management.

Orlit posses vast experience in designing complicated retirement plans for leading executives, professors and doctors. She is considered as one of the best financial planners in Israel providing tailor-made, needs-based financial planning for individuals and multi-members organizations such as Kibbutzes. During her career, Orlit has developed financial planning models that are considering major issues such as wealth transfer among generations, tax planning, financial exposures and assets allocation.

Prior to that, Orlit has worked in KPMG Israel for many years, she holds a BA degree in business management from the College of Management in Israel with majors in accounting and finance and she holds a Comprehensive Financial Planning Certificate (CFP).

Eran Zakut, LLM

Eran possesses more than 15 years of experience in establishing and managing investments in greenfield plantations and the crop outputs trade related to them in developing and least developed countries and in-depth scientific know-how in these fields. His expertise includes rapid growing Teak trees, alternative renewable energy crops and various foods crops with tens of thousands of hectares of plantation experience in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

These investments included detailed financial and professional planning, fundraising and large-scale trade deals. Eran also has 26 years of experience in the trading and delivery of agricultural commodities and consumer goods. In prior roles, he has gained experience in global commodity trading incorporating farmers, manufacturers and mass market retailers. In addition, he has developed private label programs for various leading Israeli chain stores, designing and implementing the process from raw material and product sourcing to logistics and marketing of the final products. Eran holds an LLM degree from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, a LLB degree from the College of Management in Israel and has been a key speaker at the Teak World Conference.

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